Brda Consortium and VISO project – together at the GOODEXPO fair

29/10/2013 11:19

The 4th edition of GOOD is approaching: this biennial fair that, since 2007, has gained an important role in the North east and the center of the new Europe will be held in the next days. A food and wine event that brings together, in the halls of the Fiera di Udine, all kinds of food lovers: experts, enthusiasts, connoisseurs or just curious who will be able to taste, discover secrets and taste of the best cuisine.

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This year exhibiting companies, that come from many Italian regions and some European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Slovenia), have a unique opportunity to present their products through an itinerary that allows the visitor to know, through 5 themed trails, the local characteristics and to discover the origins of the exhibited products and at the same time try, taste and buy.

It is right in this context that fits the Consortium Brda (Konzorcij Brda), one of the Slovene partners of the VISO Interregional project, which this year is taking part in the fair with a stand dedicated to small local producers of Brda (Slovene Collio) and to the cross-border project, in which it is currently involved. The Consortium Brda was founded in 2003 with the aim of promoting regional sustainable development through the promotion and marketing of products and services of small local producers.

The private Institute, established within the commune of Dobrovo, unites today around 50 private wine-growers in the Brda area and it dedicates to training, promotion and development of local wine and food tourism. In 2012 it is involved by the Institute for the Applied Genomics, together with the University of Nova Gorica, the University of Udine, the Bigot & Bigot studio associate, the Institute KGZS - Zavod GO and the Consortium of Wine protection of “Colli Orientali del Friuli” and “Ramandolo", in a three-year project with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of the wine and the attractiveness of rural tourism through the promotion of a model of sustainable viticulture, based on the dissemination and sharing of knowledge and innovative research between all components of the wine industry. One of the primary objectives of the Slovenian Consortium is, in fact, the identification of a common identity of Brda which is based on centuries-old tradition and heritage, both in terms of the typical local products and the manufacturing techniques that respect the environment.

What better occasion, then, to get closer to local autochthonous wines and learn how you can improve their production through the use of biotechnology and shared knowledge, to visit the stand of the Consortium Brda at the Udine fair GOOD, from the 31st October to 3rd November. The inauguration of the stand is scheduled at 17.00 on the 31st October with the presence of Aleš Kristančič, team manager of the VISO project for the Consortium Brda and researcher Gabriele Di Gaspero, team manager of the Lead Partner.

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